New Business Card Designs

New Business Card Designs

I’ve been working on some new business card designs lately. I created a new design for Raven Thorn Interiors, one of my current clients. I comped up 4 different ideas. They love all the designs and selected their favorite. I ordered their cards for them with a glossy finish and had them dropped shipped to their addresses. Cost (without my labor costs) was about $20 per order (100 cards) including shipping.

  • Card Idea 1

    Card Idea 1

    Something clean and elegant
  • Card Idea 2

    Card Idea 2

    Something a little less traditional
  • Card Idea 3

    Card Idea 3

    The front cover uses an image or a mirror that is prevalent on the website. It's like a portal into the room.
  • Card Idea 4

    Card Idea 4

    Tried a "portrait" version instead of the usual "landscape".
  • Final Card

    Final Card

    A slightly modified version of the Card 1 design idea.

I’ve also been working on a few new design ideas that incorporate a QR code into the design of the card. if you’re not familiar with QR codes, think of them like barcodes for the internet. Here’s the QR code for this website:

If you point the camera on your phone at the QR code, it will open a prompt asking you if you want to open this website in your phone’s internet browser.