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New Business Card Designs

I’ve been working on some new business card designs lately. I created a new design for Raven Thorn Interiors, one of my current clients. I comped up 4 different ideas. They love all the designs and selected their favorite. I ordered their cards for them with a glossy finish and had them dropped shipped to…
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New White Paper: A Checklist for Successful Small Business Marketing

I just finished putting together a new white paper that gives easy to understand tips and advice to any small business owner looking to improve their internal marketing efforts. “Marketing Checklist for Small Business” is a free, short white paper outlining 5 easy steps any small business can integrate internally to improve brand recognition and internal marketing efforts.

Small Business Marketing Goes Virtual Due to Covid-19

Small businesses are increasing spending on digital marketing in response to changing consumer behavior during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a meta-analysis of data by SCORE, mentors to America’s small businesses. As consumers continue to purchase products and services online, 91% of small business owners will engage in some form of digital marketing this year.…
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Building Your Personal Brand

It’s important to note that Branding is not Marketing. Many people often confuse a brand strategy with a marketing strategy. Branding is the why.¬†Marketing is the what and the how.

Branding is a promise and a feeling you get when you hear the name of a person or a company, it evokes a physical reaction. Marketing is the strategy to communicate the brand. Ultimately, people buy the brand and not buy the marketing.