Rates & Packages

Ad Hoc Consulting

I am available for ad hoc brand management consulting. Any ad hoc consulting project requires a minimum of 2 billable hours. Net 30 Terms are available upon request. Payments can be made with Visa/MC through PayPal.

Monthly Tune Up

If you are looking for someone to fulfill the role of a part time marketing tool box, I offer a basic flat rate monthly fee, which includes 3 hours of consulting time which can be customized to fit your specific needs. Net 30 Terms are available upon request. Payments can be made with Visa/MC through PayPal.


Don’t just take it from me, I’ll let my customers do the talking!

“Steve developed the website for my successful City Council campaign, taking the general concepts and resource material I provided, and turning it into an effective, user-friendly site. He was prompt, easy to work with, made good suggestions, and — most importantly — many voters commented that they found the site very helpful. Thanks, Steve!”

“Steve was awesome to work with in co-developing a new website for the Clean Team. He was highly organized and created a beautiful and compelling infrastructure, enabling me to easily add the content to our site with no website experience whatsoever. He handled all all the complicated technical issues allowing me to focus on the message that our group needed to convey. His clean design aesthetic allowed for information to be conveyed in a concise and accessible way which our viewers seem to really appreciate. His vast experience with integrating the social media into website design has allowed us to reach an even wider audience. His help was invaluable and his expertise really shows in the attractive design of the website. Thanks Steve, I couldn’t have done the job without you!!!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer web hosting and URL registration?

I use Dreamhost web hosting for all my hosted websites. I can host new clients on Dreamhost, which also offers URL registration. Dreamhost pricing is competitive with other web host providers.

I already have web hosting. can you update or administrate my website with my current web host provider?


Are you available for teleconferencing?

I’m on Skype and Google Plus. I also use WebX.

Do you offer credit?

I offer credit in the form of Net 30 invoicing on a case by case basis for ad hoc consulting. Recurred billing plans are automatically billed and invoiced on a monthly basis.


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